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Ancient World, Mysterious Creatures, Sublime Works

Worldbuilding, Visual Narrative, Fantasy

Do you want to discover a unique fantasy world?

At Demiplane Studios, we are passionate about creating unique stories and characters that transport you to a world full of mysteries and fantastic creatures. Join our mailing list and be the first to know about our news and exclusive releases.
The people behind our work
Our team is composed of passionate fans of comics, manga and fantasy literature, who have worked hard to offer a unique and exciting reading experience for our readers.
Soon you will be able to meet the people behind the creation of our first work, a self-conclusive indie graphic novel.
Executive Producer & Comic Scriptwriter
Storyboarding & Comic Ilustrator
Concept Art
tree concept art
bird creature concept art
corrupted egg concept art

Prepared to discover the world of Ka’entia?

Home to various stories
In addition to Aotus we have other stories planned for this world, in which you can discover a variety of characters and adventures, from the mysterious rainforests to the vast plains, explore the different kingdoms and their unique cultures, and discover how they relate to each other. Each story offers a new vision of this world!
Coming Soon...
Coming Soon...